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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hello all!!
Here it is, Easter Break again! Hope all is going well with all y'all. Once again, we are feverishly working on this years edition of "The Messiah". Practice has gone well so far and we are having our last practice tonight, which is our dress rehearsal. We pray that, once again, this passion play touches those of our community who come out to see it. Hopefully all of c2 has been inviting our friends and acquaintences. We would like to have a great turnout this year and share the Gospel with alot of new people. Let's do this together and see what God has in store for His church.
Just a note to the c2 peeps. I have really been enjoying our time together on Sunday Mornings and hope it has been enjoyable for all of you also. I pray that we take advantage of every opportunity to draw closer to God and reach out to those around us and watch God annoint us and use us in His Kingdom. God Bless and Bye for now. Bro. Martin